Renée Larouche

Chief Instructor and Co-owner of Moto-Nation

Not only is Renee co-owner of Moto-Nation but she is also a very experienced instrutor cumulating many years of instructing. Her famous teaching skills make her very popular in this man’s world. She is a great example of delicacy. Her technique mixed with her speed on track makes many men envy her. To be convinced, simply watch her videos!

Francis Martin


Francis is one of our most experienced racers in the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) His career started back in 1996. He won the National title in both 1999 and 2005 in the Pro Superbike category. With innumerable number of podiums, including 7 victories in this main racing category; Francis is now retired.

Francis has been an instructor for a praised riding school in Ontario. His racing experience as well as developed teaching skills makes him a sure value to learn advanced techniques on the track

Sebastien Tremblay


Also known as « The Shaker », Sebastien finished 4th in the Canadian championship in the Pro Superbike category overall in 2015. He was champion of the TFR series and won the 2012 CSBK Pro-Rookie of the year. In 2018, he claimed his first victory in Pro 600 at Atlantic Motorsport Parc. Sebastien is still an active racer in both Superbike and Pro 600 categories.
Sebastien had been instructing for many years and has an eye to detect points to improve. Very calm, he knows how to soothe nervous rider as well as bring an experienced one to the next level.

Karl Daigle


At 16 of age only, Karl was already amateur champion in both categories 600 and Superbike. He also won the R.A.C.E series. Dreaded and spectacular on a track, he is also very friendly and approachable.

Karl has been an instructor for a praised riding school in Ontario. He has been practicing ice racing since and has won many races including the famous Grand Prix of Valcourt. Karl knows how to make his students benefit from all his racing experiences both on the road and on the ice.

Natalie Catherine Provost


Nathalie Catherine is in the sport since 1994. During her racing career, between 2005 and 2013, she cumulated more than 47 podiums and 5 victories. She was part of a winning team during the endurance race that took part at the Catalunya circuit in Spain. Nathalie Catherine has been instructing with different schools in both Quebec and Ontario.
Her racing experience as well as her years as famous instructor makes her a great asset for any student who wants to learn and get better on track.

David Mongrain


David was part of the instructor’s team of Trackfever. He was one of the creator of the race series TFR. He is in the motorcycle’s world since he was a kid and has raced himself. He is definitely a passionate one.
David is appreciated for his teaching skills. He can adapt to any type of riders, beginner or advanced.

Marie-Josée Boucher


Marie-Josee is a model of willpower and success in Canadian motorcycle racing. She cumulated many podiums and victories during her career between 2003 and 2013. She was the very first woman to participate in the Pro Superbike class within the Canadian Championship (CSBK) and was a solid competition for the men out there. She even finished 8th overall in the Pro Superbike championship in 2011, in front of many famous riders. What an achievement!
Marie-Josee is passionate and dynamic and will do anything to make sure her students live an unforgettable experience.

Simon Proteau


Simon has been instructing for many different racing schools and raced within the Canadian Superbike Championship. His experience as a racer and instructor makes him a great asset for the team

Philippe Massé


Philippe is a passionate rider. He cumulated many podiums as a competitor within the Canadian Superbike Championship. He has been instructing for many racing schools and is a very popular instructor.
Philippe is dynamic and very knowledgeable. He strives on performance and loves to modify motorcycles on his spare time.

Tim Robinson


Tim is extremely friendly and dynamic. He was the champion of the Canadian Amateur Championship in 2012. He has since been retired to devote himself to his family and teach with Moto-Nation.
Tim has a lot of fun teaching. He has a facility to pass on his advanced riding techniques to any type of rider. He was instructing with different riding school in Ontario. Once you have spent a day with him, you quickly become addicted to the sport as he is a great transmitter of his passion.

Martin '' CrazyRider '' Côté


If you wish to learn to ride on difficult conditions, Martin is the one you need. He is one of the rare pilots who gloat when rain is in the forecast.
Martin won many races when forecast wasn’t at its best. He is versatile rider, very useful for a school like us. He puts everyone at ease and has the ability to explain effectively.

Etienne Giguère


Etienne has been in the motorcycle world for a long time and is involved in different organizations. Not only did he take part in many races, but he also rode on many American circuits. He even organizes a track day over there every year.
Etienne is a good instructor and is very appreciated by his students.

Oscar Ventura


Oscar has been very involved in the motorcycle world for many years. He organized many track days on different circuits in Ontario. He took part in many amateur events in Quebec and Ontario.
Oscar is passionate and has a lot to offer as an intructor. Very calm, he inspires confidence in the most nervous riders.

Martin Ricard


Martin was an instructor for many riding school both in Quebec and Ontario. He is renowned for his teaching skills. Martin was also racing within the Canadian Superbike Championship.
Very calm, he knows how to detect improvement points and make every student benefit from his experience.