Leather suit

As for the riding gear, the leather suit is mandatory. Could be in 1 or 2 pieces but must have a "Zipper" that connects the top (jacket) and bottom (pants). This is to avoid that the coat slides and goes back up (raises) in the back in case of fall.
Available for rental 60$ /day.

Leather suit 1 piece

Leather suit 2 pieces

The back protector

The back protector is also mandatory. It's a part that protects the column in case of impact (interior linings from the jackets are not sufficient)
Available for rental 20$ /day.

Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots protecting the ankle are MANDATORY. Motorcycle shoes are not allowed.
Available for rental 20$ /day.

Leather gloves

Leather gloves protecting joints must be worn and must cover the cuff of the leather sleeve.
Available for rental 20$ /day.


Riders must use a full face helmet legally bearing a SNELL or ECE 22-05 standard sticker and free from damage. Manufacturing date must be 5 years max. Modular helmets (part protecting chin can move up) are not allowed.
Available for rental 20$ /day.

If you would like to rent any equipment, please make a reservation to ensure availability